NEW YORK PRAYS: salaam harlem


The Murid Islamic Community of America, MICA, is an Islamic Religious non profit organization founded in 1989 and located at 46 Edgecombe Avenue in Harlem, New York.  

Most of its faithful are from Senegal and meet at least once a week in a brownstone building not big enough to accommodate everyone. Some of them pray on the street, some other in the kitchen or the rooms that during the week are occupied by people who just arrived in the city and still don't have a place where to live. The masjid - worship center - of Harlem is where immigrants go to maintain their bonds with each other and to find meaning in their struggle to survive and prosper in America.  

"You can come here to eat, to pray, to get free food, to ask questions, to use the bathroom. It’s for everybody. That’s what we call Islam", they say. 

This series was shot in 2011.  

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