HUMAN LABYRINTHS: medellin: pray / sin

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As home of the now defunct Medellin drug cartel and stronghold of the paramilitary groups that control the Pacific and Atlantic Coast of Colombia, Medellin —the second-largest city in the country and the capital of the department of Antioquia— was once known as the most violent in the world.  

Many victims of the violence that still rules Medellin, exorcise their fear and find comfort by praying and looking for an answer in God’s will. Others ask to the same God to protect them during the perpetration of their crimes. 'El que peca y reza, empata', says a well-known Colombian proverb: who sins and prays, draws. An utilitarian use of religion that degrades it to a blind form of superstition, a consuetude, a family tradition. An escape and a consolation tool for many without prospects and chance of justice in their life; an instrument of power for few that in the name of the same God keep manipulating people; an empty habit for everyone else.  

The series was realized in July 2016. 

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