Hagamos Memoria

© Viviana Peretti 2014The Colombian peace talks seen through the graffiti at the Universidad Nacional, the main public University in the country.

The formal talks between the Colombian government and left-wing rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) aim to end the country’s civil conflict. According to BBC, “it is the first attempt to strike a deal in a decade, and – despite several agreements already reached on a six-point peace agenda – huge obstacles remain. Still, for some it is the best chance for a negotiated settlement since the FARC launched its armed struggle in 1964”. Continue reading “Hagamos Memoria”

Vivir Sin Miedo

© Viviana Peretti 2014Thirty women among actresses, dancers, singers, and female victims of violence say no to violence against women with a performance called Vivir Sin Miedo (Living without fear). This artistic creation – directed by Colombian poet, playwright and actor Patricia Ariza – is intended as a response to femicide and a critic to the macho culture that is still dominant in Colombian society and whose figures of aggression against women are alarming. Only last year, 600 women were murdered by their peers in the country. “I’m convinced that peace is built from the symbolic, from the collective imagination and the culture of violence that is still evident in our society can be removed through the influence of art. This performance is a hymn to life in response to femicide, one of the most degrading forms of sexist and patriarchal tradition” says Ariza.  Continue reading “Vivir Sin Miedo”

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

Taylor Wessing_800My photograph from the series ‘Dancing Like a Woman’ at the National Portrait Gallery in London.
“The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2014 is a unique opportunity to see sixty new portraits by some of the most exciting contemporary photographers from around the world. This year the competition attracted over 4,000 submissions”, wrote the organisers. See the entire series here: http://www.vivianaperetti.com/#/colombia/dancing-like-a-woman/like_woman_01

Antígonas, Tribunal de Mujeres

© Viviana Peretti 2014Antígonas, Tribunal de Mujeres (Antígonas, Court of Women) is a colective creation of Tramaluna Teatro with dramaturgy, directing and staging of Carlos Satizábal. In the play, six women victims of violence in Colombia do catharsis on stage while denouncing crimes against humanity. Luz Marina Bernal Parra, María Ubilerma Sanabria López and Lucero Carmona are the mothers of three young boys killed by the Army in what is known as the infamous scandal of ‘false positives’. Orceni Montañez Muñoz and Fanny Palacios Romero are victims and survivors of political genocide against the leftist Patriotic Union. Mayra López Severiche is a student leader wrongly accused of conspiracy and incarcerated during one year. In Antígonas, Tribunal de Mujeres the actress are the victims, helped on stage by the young professional actresses Ángela Triana Gallego, Lina Támara, Karen Roa and drummer Andrea Jaramillo. For those who speak Spanish, read more at: http://www.elespectador.com/noticias/cultura/madres-de-soacha-ahora-son-antigonas-articulo-485110 Continue reading “Antígonas, Tribunal de Mujeres”